The Cloud

The Cloud

What is the cloud and why do I want it?

‘The cloud’ refers to a group of servers owned by a third party. Their purpose is to store your data, such as documents and photos. These servers are located across numerous continents. The data on your computer can be backed up to the cloud, and is often a better alternative to a portable hard drive, as no data will be lost if your office or house catches on fires, floods or is broken into.

What else can the cloud do?

The cloud can be used to synchronise data between your different devices, such as computers, phones and tablets. For example, you could take a photo on your phone and have it automatically appear on your computer. You could also add an event to your calendar on your computer, your phone will then automatically remind you of it. It can also be used to keep the files on two computers, such as your desktop and laptop in sync.

How do I get the cloud?

Depending on your location, we will come to your office or home and configure it on the spot. Otherwise we can set it up remotely. We will charge a once-off setup fee. You’ll then need to pay our cloud provider a small annual fee to keep your cloud account.


If your interested in the cloud, please contact us.