Web Design

Web Design

Mobile Friendly

More and more people are using mobile devices such as phones and tablets for their internet browsing needs. In 2013, Google reported that 75% of Australians access websites through their smartphones daily. This has led to Google decreasing search rankings for websites that are not mobile friendly, and prioritising the sites that are mobile friendly. If your site is not mobile friendly, this could have a serious impact on your business and its visibility. Also, desktop websites are small and hard to read when they are displayed on smartphones, leading to the site being unappealing and off-putting to its audience.


Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is a critical component of the modern internet, and one that is often overlooked. Basically, it is the way in which Google and other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo display your website in search results. The title and description can be changed to better attract customers to your business. SEO can also specify to search engines all of the parts of your website that you don’t want listed. You can even tell Google Images to remove all of the images from your site in it’s search results. Most website companies charge hundreds, we include basic SEO with every website.

Admin Interface

We make it easy for you to edit your own website. In the past, you had to know code in order to make a simple edit to your website. This is no longer the case. We will configure it so that all you have to do is go to your admin login page and login. You will then see a list of all of your webpages. From there you will be able to easily edit them, almost as if they were a Microsoft Word document. If you opt for a blog, online store or community forums, you can also manage these from the same place. However, if you do not want the hassle of managing all of this, we can arrange to do it for you.

Lifetime Backups

Sometimes the unexpected can happen, and a website can start behaving in peculiar ways. Servers can sometimes crash and loose data. In either case, we back up all of the sites we have ever made once a month – for no additional charge, ever! So if you start experiencing issues, simply contact us and we will have your website up and running as soon as possible, back to how it was. If your website is interactive (for example, a blog), you will probably want more frequent backups to ensure that you do not loose any comments. If this is the case, we can arrange for more frequent backups.

Uptime and Security Monitoring

If your website goes offline or someone tries to hack your website, we will be notified. As a business, it is important to have your website up and running 24/7. If not, you may loose potential customers. All websites go offline occasionally when the hosting company reboots the server, but if it is offline for an unreasonable length of time we will contact your hosting company to ensure that they are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it.

Hackers are everywhere, and they want to take your site down! Luckily for you, we include security monitoring with all of our websites. If someone is repeatedly trying to access something they shouldn’t or keep trying getting the password wrong to access the admin back end, we will be notified and have the option to block them from accessing your website ever again.

Modern Design

Having a modern-looking website is a critical component to every businesses online presence. It brings your business alive. Having the same, old webpage for over a decade makes your business look abandoned and uninviting. A modern website adds a level of professionalism to your business and will separate your business from your competitors. An attractive website is significantly more likely to retain it’s visitors attention and keep them viewing the website for a longer period of time.

Contact Form

Every website needs an easy way for it’s visitors to contact the business behind it. An easy way of doing this is through a contact form. Unfortunately, the contact forms found on most websites are designed poorly, and the majority of them never work anyway. This is bad for your business and gives your potential customers a bad impression, as they never received a response from you. A lot of website building tools also charge you for each response. We include it with every website. You can specify every component you would like included in the form. When the visitor submits the form, not only will you receive an email with their enquiry, but they will also receive a friendly confirmation email.

Additional Services

Online Store

Online shopping has never been more important; it is a big market, and you don’t want to miss out on being a part of it. Most website design companies limit the amount of items you can have in your store, unless you pay them more money. Our stores have an unlimited amount of items, so you can sell as much or as little as you like. Our stores also have product reviews, currency exchange, the ability to calculate shipping costs, as well as a shopping cart, PayPal integration, email order confirmation, special order options and much more. You will be able to log in to your store and see what products have been ordered and where they need to be sent. It is simple to manage your store, and if you are an existing customer, the store will integrate seamlessly with your existing site.


Looking at starting a business or personal blog? Blogs are a great addition to any website, and they make your business look even more alive. Blogs are also a great way of attracting potential customers, as they will come across your articles through search engines. All of our blogs can have multiple authors, tags, and they also have comment sections at the bottom of each article. However, all of these options can be disabled if you desire. If your website was also made by us, the blog will integrate seamlessly with the design and style of the rest of your website.


Forums are a great way for customers and clients to communicate together to troubleshoot issues. Forums are also a great way for people passionate about a particular hobby or interest to share ideas and ask each other questions. Our forums have user accounts, different topics, search functionality, as well as reward systems and more. You can also create administrator accounts that can ban users and modify pretty much anything you can think of. They are easy and friendly to use, and if you have an existing website with us, it will integrate seamlessly with the rest of your site.

Instant Quote System

If your products or services have many different options at different price points and you are looking for an easy way for potential customers to receive an instant quote, then this is perfect. All your visitors have to do is navigate to the correct page, select from the options, and a quote will instantly appear at the bottom of the page. If they change options, the price will reflect these changes effectively.

URL Shortner

If your company uses a lot of social media, then this is a must. If you post a link, you don’t want it to be long and unsightful. This is why companies use URL shortners. You simply log in, paste the URL that you want shortened, and it gives you a shortened URL. Short URLs look a bit like this: examp.le/xm82l. If you don’t want xm82l, you can change it to whatever you like. Sure you could use a service like bit.ly or goo.gl, but that is unprofessional. For example, on Telstra’s Twitter page they use tel.st, which is instantly recognisable. You know the link is from Telstra, whereas if you use a service like bit.ly, its not clear as to what it is.